Ready to Rent

Coming Soon!

The Ready to Rent program is a series of six, two hour workshops to tell newcomers everything that they need to know to be prepared to rent an apartment or home in Canada. Dates coming soon!

Getting Started:

  • What landlords need from renter
  • What landlords see in you as a renter
  • How to get housing if you had problems in the past
  • Four tools to get better housing

Solving Problems:

  • Understand secured and unsecured credit
  • Two credit traps
  • Make a Read to Rent Plan

Get Money:

  • Making goals
  • Estimating your spending
  • Make a spending plan

Shop for your New Home:

  • Decide what you can afford for housing
  • Learn about the 1/3 rule for rent
  • Learn how to read ads for housing
  • Improve communication skills for phone calls and meetings with landlords
  • Get ready to apply for housing
  • Learn what a rental agreement is and how to follow

Settling In:

  • Make a plan to keep your home safe
  • Make a list of rules landlords want you to follow
  • Learn how to get along better with your landlord

Moving On:

  • Decide if a lease would work for you
  • Start planning for your move in to a new home
  • Learn about the 60 day notice rule
  • Learn about eviction
  • Learn how to use your last months rent deposit when you leave